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Someone asked about possible landing spots for Melky so I took a quick look at teams relatively in contention and what their OF/DH situation looked like. As expected, the market is not all that large but there are teams that would benefit from trading for either Melky or Avi.

At just a quick glance I would say:

Tampa (maybe)
LA Angels (maybe)
Texas (maybe)
Washington (depending on their injury situation)
Arizona (depending on JD Martinez injury)
Kansas City

So it's possible that one or both get moved but I wouldn't count on it and I wouldn't count on much of a return for Melky even given him having a good year and providing good value at the plate.

As for trading Avi, I would if it would get the sort of return we've been seeing. We have no way of knowing if this is a fluke year, in which case we'd be trading at high-value, or if this is Avi going forward, in which case he is young enough to be an asset to the rebuild. So for different reasons I would treat him like Quintana and only trade him if the offer is overwhelming. Melky I would hold out for what I could but then trade him for whatever I could. He's gone at the end of the year regardless.

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