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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
Agreed. The Sox front office let the farm system fall off a cliff over a 10-15 year period leaving the team little choice but to start shipping off what little elite talent they had in order to jump start the talent pool.

Why is it that teams like the Red Sox and Yankees always seem to have young elite talent to bring up or to trade for veterans? Look at the Dodgers - they didn't have to "tank" to get Bellinger and Seager.

For sustained success, the Sox are going to have to start developing their own talent - and not just in years that they have a top 10 pick.
Agreed 1000%. One thing moving in the White Sox favor is the Yankees/Red Sox have made hay in part by leveraging their resources to draft guys who slid for signability reasons and by paying large bonuses to international guys (like Moncada). Both of those are limited now, evening the field.

Now the Dodgers - they've just generally been great historically at drafting and developing, including a stretch of 4 straight ROYs in the 80s and 5 straight in the 90s. Definitely a team to emulate.
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