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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
In 2015 Danks and Sale will be making about 20M. Quintana and Santiago will still both be under Sox control in 2015 and at least 2016. Combined they wont get more than 10M in 2015. 30M for a starting 4 is not that much and leaves a ton of money for the rest. Remember also that 2016 is Danks last year under contract.
It goes up every year. It's $30+ million, then $45 million, then more ridiculous. What 21 game changing players would we have under contract with most being only two year deals to account for this? Or is the plan to only compete in 2015?

You can't just go out and buy a team if you have limited resources. Even if you can afford it now (which realistically we couldn't anyway), you can't always in the future. And buying a team is counter to the only assets we have.
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