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Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
Maybe I'm off base with this, but I don't see why anyone should be complaining that the Seattle Frickin' Mariners won the biggest fish of the offseason (if it goes through). After so many years of the Yankees being forgone conclusions to land the best players, I find it refreshing that the number of teams in the hunt is growing. It's not a completely level playing field and probably never will be, but it is definitely better than in the late '90's - early '00's when you could pretty much pencil the top 3 FAs into the Yankee lineup. Even the Athletics are signing and trading for guys with $10million+ contracts. Ten years ago, we sympathized with the teams that cried poor (and there were many of them). Now you don't hear about it nearly as much, and the teams that do cry poor (Marlins) are derided for pocketing the money.

In my opinion, a hard cap would probably not have the effect that you would expect. The result would be players wanting to form superteams (probably with the Yankees) as you have in the NBA. If nobody can be outbid and you were the best FA, would you rather play in New York for the team with the Yankees' history or Kansas City, or Pittsburgh, or Seattle?
Agreed. It's much worse when it's a small handful of super-rich teams constantly buying up the top free agents and pretty much assuring themselves a near-permanent playoff spot and where even middle market teams can't keep top talent.

But, if the Mariners are throwing that much money around, that's not a sign of the competitive balance of the league being a joke - it's a sign that the owners as a whole are rolling in cash.

Originally Posted by ChiSoxGal85 View Post
Cano will be 41 years old making $24 million a year. 41!!!!! $24 mil a year!
Crazy, isn't it? Did they not see how well it has worked out for their division rival to sign Pujols for a boatload of money into his 40s?
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