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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Yeah, but the whole cable subscriber deal is part of the bubble that will burst soon.

I beleive I read somewhere that San Diego and Houston carriers are already refusing to carry local team networks on basic packages or not at all to avoid paying the carriage fees to those networks
Houston's cable deal is a disaster of mythical proportions. Astros games are on Comcast Sportsnet Houston, but no other cable/sat carriers have agreed to sign on, so something like 20-30% of the city can watch the games.

Owner Jim Crane is in bankruptcy court with Comcast, and is also suing Comcast and the previous owner for fraud, as he bought the cable outlet along with the team, and the information he was presented when he bought the team allegedly was counter to what it is.

I like the Feldman signing for the Astros, they needed a veteran arm in the rotation. He's no great shakes, but can be an inning eater for them keeping their starter prospects in the minors a bit longer.
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