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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post

I still can't believe people put so much stock in the save stat.
I can't believe major league teams insist on designating closers to save games, even when there is no reason other than an arbitrary pitch count to remove a starter who is pitching a great game.

I am not a fan of the save stat and believe it has had a negative infuence on how managers manage.

Still, the reality is that even teams that don't have a Gossage or Eckersley or Rivera employ closers to close out games. If you have a pitcher whose major job is to close out games when your team has the lead, his success is how well he can do that. All those perepheral stats don't really measure his success. They might tell you how difficult a pitcher was to hit, butclosers aren't paid to come in with the game on the line and the tying and go-ahead runs on base in the seventh. They are paid to close out wins. Unless you have a bullpen where you have several pitchers closing out games depending on the matchups and the work they're getting, saves are the most relevant stat to the success of a closer.
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