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I don't think there is such a thing as this mystic "total rebuild". Can't really think of a team that has ever done it. Dealing Sale, with that contract, at this point would be insane for anything less than the top 4 prospects from a top 10 system. That ain't happening these days. I'm actually with munchy on this one. The "rebuild" probably needs to be in the front office. The Sox scouting of young players the last decade has ABSOLUTELY been the primary reason we find ourselves in this situation now. Not bad trades, not bad signings (though those don't help). The Sox have been downright horrible at drafting, and it has left them in a very tough situation. We need much, much better scouting. The Sox ONE hit was a dominant starting pitcher who basically fell into their laps and has been way healthier than many expected. That isn't enough. The only part of any of the front office/coaching team I want to hold onto is the Herm Schneider/Don Cooper combo. Those two have kept pitchers healthy at an unprecedented rate compared to their contemporaries. So much so, that a lot of other mistakes have flown under the radar.
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