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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Similar performance through age 32, per 3 HOFers here, and Thome.
  1. Harmon Killebrew (873) *
  2. Reggie Jackson (873) *
  3. Rocky Colavito (872)
  4. Jim Thome (863)
  5. Jose Canseco (858)
  6. Dale Murphy (846)
  7. Ralph Kiner (844) *
  8. Andruw Jones (835)
  9. Boog Powell (826)
  10. Greg Luzinski (824)
What is this? I just see numbers with no reference.

I need to know what chart has an 8-time all-star, 7-time home run leader, and career .940 OPS Ralph Kiner in the same discussion as Adam Dunn.

4 time strikeout leader.
Lowest single season batting average since 1909.
Most errors of any left fielder through 2011.
2 All-stars, 0 playoff appearances. 0 titles.
Let go from Cincinnati because he can't play defense.

If you want to be rational and say "Adam Dunn is a top 12 1Bman right now even with his poor defense", fine. I don't want to hear "Frank Thomas, Miguel Cabrera, Gehrig".

He's on pace for 37 Hr and 85 RBI. People are excited by his hot streak. He's signed through next season, trade him at the deadline if he continues to hit the ball. Don't wait around for another 2011 season.
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