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Originally Posted by RockJock07 View Post
I'm torn on this. Here is what I believe to be fact....

1. Garcia's clock has already started so there really isn't any financial reason to leave him at AAA.

2. No spark is needed other then for the fans who will either be watching or attending games the rest of the season.

3. Rios can play CF, Garcia can play RF, DeAza can sit for the rest of the season as far as I'm concerned.
I'd like to see Garcia up with the big club not for the fans, but for his progression as an MLB player. Most scouting reports say he isn't being challenged by minor league pitching anymore. Therefore, getting as many rips and experience at the MLB level this season will give him a head start on next year. An extra 50 games to get used to American League pitching, get a feel for playing outfield at The Cell, and get valuable experience that he can't get in Charlotte. As others have said though, perhaps financial considerations are at play which could be why he is staying put for now.
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