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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
I don't mind all the trading, but I don't like how empty the ammo box gets. A team can still trade prospects and have a somewhat fruitful system. I really hope Kenny takes a prolonged reloading phase to better find a balance.

Spending more on the draft would be nice too...
Name a team that's as aggressive as the Sox in the trade market and has a 'fruitful system.' The teams that have good systems year in and year out don't trade their prospects. It's really not possible, you have to reload every year. One big trade will drain a good portion of your Top 5, which just absolutely kills you in these rankings.

As soon as the Sox start to reload, like last year, they just trade again. They've needed to draft and develop better, and it appears they've started to do a bit better, but we need to accept that Kenny and Co. have a different philosophy on this stuff. They have their guys that are untouchable, but the rest can go if it means bettering the big league club today.

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