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Originally Posted by thedudeabides View Post
Nope, he's eligibale according to his guidelines. He just left him off. He also said Viciedo is not even a prospect.

You really shouldn't take Law all that seriously. He did spend some time in the Toronto front office, but was not very well respected there, in fact a lot of the people he worked with had some pretty disparaging comments about him.

From what I have heard, the odds of him getting back into a baseball front office are about as good as Steve Phillips.

Also, these lists shouldn't be taken all that seriously from anyone. It is impossible for any person to get a good take on all 30 minor league systems, and especially be able to effectively scout hundreds of players and rank them with any accuracy.

I don't take Law and lists all too seriously, but I am a big Sickels fan and also like BA and BP. I just enjoy talking/reading/analyzing prospects and lists spur such discussion.
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