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Originally Posted by Thome25 View Post
I understand supply and demand and what the over inflated free agent market in MLB dictates.

That doesn't change the fact that IMO players in MLB are vastly overpaid by teams that are considered the "haves" and the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" seems to widen each and every year when some stupid owner decides to overpay a player.

The Hamilton signing is the prime example of that IMO

Also, personally I'm still trying to decide whether I like watching and spending my money on sports such as MLB (and other major sports for that matter) where players are sickeningly overpaid.
I follow you and agree . I think there should be, and I have advocated this in the past, a soft cap, kind of like the NHL has had recently and the players are fighting against for obvious reasons. You must spend to at least a certain amount and you cannot exceed a certain amount. The amount is determined yearly by league revenues . I suppose this is kind of a form of communism but sports leagues are different than the business world in the fact all the teams have a collective interest in the growth and strength of the league and all the individual teams. I believe the biggest problem in baseball is not the rich teams but the fact a lot of these so-called lower revenue small market teams are not putting enough resources back into the team like they should be. We certainly cannot complain that the beloved White Sox are one of those. They struggle in ticket sales, don't have the cash a lot of teams have, but they are always making moves and signing players to make the team better. Don't always work but you got to love the organization for that.
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