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Originally Posted by Thome25 View Post
I understand supply and demand and what the over inflated free agent market in MLB dictates.

That doesn't change the fact that IMO players in MLB are vastly overpaid by teams that are considered the "haves" and the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" seems to widen each and every year when some stupid owner decides to overpay a player.

The Hamilton signing is the prime example of that IMO

Also, personally I'm still trying to decide whether I like watching and spending my money on sports such as MLB (and other major sports for that matter) where players are sickeningly overpaid
I don't really see them as overpaid, as people have said, they're the ones actually playing the game, and the revenue brings in billions to the sport every year. The players deserve the majority of that revenue, IMHO.
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