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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
The Sale trade wasnít a bad trade per se- but they didnít get a premium either. Eaton was okay (but should have pushed for Robles). Q was very good. The rest before and during the rebuild stunk. Most were made on the other teamsí terms, with Hahn taking stunted Rule 5 guys. The exception is Eaton #1, which was great. But that type of trade was not repeated. Instead they rented the Shark for a year under some delusion that he could transform a 73 win team into a contender. Then they refused to trade him in July and used the comp pick on a college reliever.
The ineptitude just goes on and on.
Sale netted them the number 1 prospect in baseball and a guy who within 10 months was the best pitching prospect in baseball... but they didnít get a premium? Okay.

Eaton netted them two major league caliber starting pitchers, with a third possibly on the way. Still not sure what the problem with this is, because everybody who isnít you said and still says the Nationals significantly overpaid.

You just keep beating the same points into the ground over and over and they keep getting rebutted over and over. Not sure what youíre getting out of it but it kind of negates the point of discussion since you seem so dead set on this particular narrative.
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