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Originally Posted by beasly213 View Post
Yeah losing 100 games stinks, but I much prefer this past year to the last couple years under Ventura.
The Sox weren't winning anything with Sale, Q, Abreu, and Eaton along with roster filler. The fact that he's a year away from FA and we still don't know what Avi is means he wouldn't have helped either.
This is what Rebuilding looks like. Does losing 95-100 games for a couple years suck, yes.

I just wish Murphy's Law didn't rule the day for the 2018 Sox. Unless all of their top pitching prospects blew out their elbows(actually shoulder injuries are worse), and all of their top hitting prospects fell flat on their face, it is hard to see how this season could have gone any worse. 2018 was the worst case scenario realistically. 2019 is huge for this franchise.

If the Sox, in 10/2019 are left with all questions and no answers as they are as of 10/2018, it is hard to see this process working.
No matter whether this rebuild is successful or not, it was still the right decision to make. If it does fail, it just means that Hahn and KW were not the right men for the job, which a lot of us thought from the beginning of the process.
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