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Originally Posted by TommyJohn View Post
This is really starting to bug me, that Boston was able to wear down Hahn and deal who they wanted for Sale. It makes me wonder if they knew something about Moncada that the Sox did not. Geez, I am starting to sound like other loud doomsayers (not on this board, though). I also wonder if other teams were offering anything for Sale.

Boston knew that the White Sox wanted to rebuild and knew that Sale was the key. They knew if they held out long enough, they'd wear Hahn down. That is exactly what happened. I was adamantly against trading Sale for that reason, but once it happened I went in on the rebuild, mainly because the other alternative was to weep and wail and predict dire doom and gloom. But this item doesn't exactly fill me confidence about how it will all turn out.
I think Moncada was always thought of as the lower floor/higher ceiling prospect. My assumption was that Boston (and the Sox) felt better about the safer player.
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