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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
As a longtime ( 1957) White Sox fan who has lived mostly in New England the last 50 years, I find the Red Sox fans when I go to Fenway to be overall polite, knowledgeable and very much into the game. Many sit in company seats since the Red Sox sell thousands of them. As I posted elsewhere, typical Fenway crowd is a husband/wife and 2 kids in the grandstand and college kids in the bleachers. Very safe neighborhood surrounding the ballpark. If you don't have free tickets, can be an expensive day.

Average WS ticket on Stub Hub was $1,400 and range was $500-$5000. Weather will be cold and damp tomorrow night.
I've never really had anything against Red Sox fans. If in the middle of the 1960s my father had taken the job in Boston instead of Dallas, the most loathsome place I've ever experienced, I have no doubt that 1967 would have turned me into a Red Sox fan for life, and I'm sure I wouldn't be any different a Red Sox fan than I am a White Sox fan. Really, Red Sox fans seem a decent group. They're no more smug than Yankees fans, who have less reason to be. They're less smug than Cubs fans who have no reason to be. Really, they're less smug than Bulls fans during the Jordan championship runs (although both of those fanbases were lampooned on Saturday Night Live).

They certainly aren't apathetic the way the Rays fans are. Any team that makes it to the World Series, especially this postseason, is going to be either smug or apathetic and their fans will be hated by teams who didn't make it. Red Sox fans aren't aggressively nasty as the A's fans are. Maybe Dodgers fans aren't as violent as they have show they can be in the last couple of years, the rivalry with the Giants bringing out the worst in fans of both teams.

I can see if you personally are surrounded by people who support a team that you don't, it can be a terrible thing. When I lived in Alaska, I worked with Cubs fans and 2003 was unbearable until the collapse made it so enjoyable. I lived in a Mariners community, so if Seattle had made it to the World Series in those years, I might have found Mariners fans too smug to tolerate. In 2005, there wasn't enough of me to go around in Juneau for the community to hate the White Sox, but the Cubs fans in my office considered White Sox fans to be the worst fans in the world long before 2005.

I've never really found Cardinals fans to be that smug, really. Not in an obnoxious Yankees way (Billy Crystal said that when he was growing up, he chill of autumn was called "World Series weather.") I've actually found a kinship with Cardinals fans for years because they generally treat the Cubs like a rented mule and put Cubs fans in their place.
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