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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
SoxFest radio and TV schedule has been announced.

Something I hadn't caught in the other announcements is the Friday evening seminar on "First Game Memories" led by Chuck Garfien. The panelists are scheduled to be Gordon Beckham, Bill Melton, Tom Paciorek, Aaron Rowand, and Pete Ward. Ward is a blast from my past -- he had a couple of solid years when I was a kid. It'll be good to see him.
Pete Ward - I can' t resist a trip down memory lane.

The first ballpayer I ever met was Pete Ward as a 7 year old kid in 1969. He was great with us kids then and he still is an absolute gentlemen when I have met him at cards shows, etc. Pete and Luis Aparicio showed up on a summer afternoon at the Imperial Gardens store at 86th & Pulaski in Chicago. The word just spread through the neighborhood that there were some White Sox players giving out baseballs at the store. Pete joked around with us, handed out autgraphed baseballs to all of us kids, etc. I remember Luis didnt say a word and was very reserved - it didn't dawn on me until several years later that Luis probably struggled with English. I also remember once the payers signed the baseballs with bright green ink we immediately went out and played catch with them; we were more happy to have a new ball to play "running bases" or "off the wall" than to have a piece of memorabilia. Simpler times.
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