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Our pitching should be set already. I say this with Peavy returning and Danks coming back as strong as Jake did this year. Our rookies with a year under their belt should be better.

Starters: Sale, Peavy, Danks, Floyd, Quintana or Santiago

Middle Relief and late relief: Jones, Veal, Crain, Thornton

Closers: Reed, Myers

It looks to me like Humber is a forgotten man and I don't want to see Septimo or Liriano again.

The big decisions will be with Youk and AJ. I'm on the fence with both of them, neither is getting any younger. Love to pick up another Rios type outfielder by trading Dunn, I would then have a rotating OF with one of them being DH for each game. BJ Upton comes to mind as I'm sure the Rays won't be able to sign him.
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