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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Those trades - and the free agent dollars spent to fill the holes they created - continue to hamstring this team. However, I cannot fault the Santos trade; had we not traded him he'd be on the shelf for us right now. But the Swisher and Jackson deals were disastrous.
I didn't mind trading any of those 4 guys. I don't really know what the real objection to Quentin was though. I guess the injuries.
We just didn't get a thing for any of them. All were basically prospects off of off years and they continued to decline (except for Swisher 2 - I don't know what that was - we traded for several AAAA players - not real prospect in the bunch). Sometimes it's better to trade for younger less developed prospects with potential.
I said it before, and I'll say it again - these veterans have given it all they have this year - they are just past their prime and most of the ones who aren't aren't complete players.
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