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Originally Posted by SoxandtheCityTee View Post
Certainly not; the opposite, in fact. I'm saying that quite apart from having these sorts of problems -- in commenting about which I am always careful, thanks -- Greinke can be a punk. I agree that he was going to get charged someday.
I understand, and thank you for clarifying. My post wasn't meant to accuse you so much as it was intended to facilitate a better understanding of your comments. Thanks again.

As to your comments above, it would be interesting to learn about how Greinke is perceived throughout Major League Baseball. Quentin seems to have had problems with him, and many on this board have taken issue with his behavior in the past, but what do other players, coaches, and team officials think of him?

The article I cited earlier mentions that several Padres players apologized to the Dodgers for what happened. Did that happen because they felt badly about Greinke's injury, or do some of them believe that TCQ was out of line for charging the mound in the first place? Obviously, none of us knows the answer to these questions. If, as you suggest, people believe that Greinke's style was going to land him in trouble, the former would seem more likely than the latter, as I can't imagine Quentin's teammates would have a problem with him taking action in response to something that some of them could relate to.
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