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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Is that true? Wouldn't it take a little bit of time and research to confirm or refute that? I have no idea myself. I only claim to be somewhat versed in the history of 4 out of 30 MLB teams. As for the overreaction, why be surprised. Like many others have noted the Sox are thin on replacement talent and a potential 85 win season can turn into a 65-70 win season when the injury bug bites hard. Sadly this has been true since I became a Sox fan. They just couldn't afford Donovan in 55, Lollar in 57, Melton in 72. On and on. That was when they had good teams to begin with. This year's version wasn't so hot from the get go.
And the one season in the last three that the Giants didn't win the World Series they couldn't afford to lose Buster Posey.

If you are complaining about the White Sox sustaining an unusual high number of injuries and not being able to deal with losing so many players to injury, you simply aren't paying attention to the rest of major league baseball.
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