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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Hypothetical for discussion: Let's say Mitchell cuts down on his Ks and raises his bating average without significantly sacrificing power or walks, and is ready for 2013 (or even 2014), and doesn't get traded. What happens with the Sox roster? Do you trade Rios, Viciedo or DeAza? Or trade Dunn or PK (or not re-sign him) with the one who stays playing 1B, and Viciedo moving to DH? Or do you work Mitchell into an OF rotation?
Well, I think that that scenario is unlikely to happen but I would probably get rid of Vicideo at this point. I think that Mitchell projects as a corner outfielder with some power and I don't think that Dayan will ever be the hitter we thought he was going to be. But that is just me.

Go Sox!!!
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