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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
He's also 37 years old and had an eyebrow raising power spike in a contract year. He had a great offensive year for a catcher, but was really bad behind the plate.

I see Flowers putting up something like .240/.340 with 20 homers next year. I don't see AJ having that type of obp and power. Although that porch in the Bronx might make it happen. When you factor in the defense and the contract, it's a no-brainer IMO. So, yeah AJ might have a similar offensive year, but won't be nearly as good defensively. Obviously, I weigh defense heavily when I look at a catcher.
There's more to hitting than power. .240/20 isn't acceptable as a major league regular unless you can hide him in the 9 spot, and you can't hide 2-3 guys in the 9 spot.

Comes down to if you prefer a Karkovice or a Kendall at catcher.

I vastly prefer offense from a catcher over defense as long as he can work with the pitchers. As far as CS is concerned, that's not just on the catcher, our pitchers are notorious for not holding runners to the bag, especially since Buehrle left, plus even the best guys average 40-48% CS.

If A.J. isn't coming back, sounds like the Sox may go after a less expensive experienced guy to platoon, which would be a worse stopgap for a year than A.J., but I guess it would be adequate.
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