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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Sorry, but that's the biggest bunch of nonsense I've ever read. He wasn't saying there should be a weekly address or polls, you just said that to make yourself look all smarty pants . Of course they owe the fans an explanation of what they are going to do to fix this if they expect ANY to show up for the rest this season and beyond. The longer it becomes apparent they have no idea what they are doing the less fans are going to come and watch this debacle. That's like saying a car company doesn't owe consumers an explanation for why the car blows up after 70,000 miles. If they want any business they will provide a solution and an explanation. I have serious doubts this group has a clue personally. All KW and associates should have been shown the door after it became apparent they were not capable of putting together a consistent playoff contender. Instead, KW was promoted and his right hand man was made GM. That is the definition of baseball insanity. The White Sox need a fresh start with new blood in the front office.
But the car company DOESN'T owe the consumer any explanation. Again, it would make sense, it engages the consumer, but if Chevy made a car called the lightning rod and it sold a lot of units each year, and it also died at 75k miles every year, and Chevy told you nothing, then the ball is in your court as a consumer. If you are a chevy loyalist, but you continue to buy a lightning rod, you are wrong, not Chevy. The only way Chevy has to build a better car is by making the lightning rod a reliable vehicle.
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