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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
A strikeout won’t result in that lead runner being retired. That only happens with a botched bunt, a ground ball hit in the wrong place, or a fly ball not hit far enough and the runner is thrown out at home. Those are all worse than a strikeout.
As a batter in that situation it's a failure if you K up. Who cares that the runner is still on 3rd? Is that some sort of win for the team? No one back on the bench is giving you a high five, you didn't come through for the team. Can the next guy knock the guy in from 3rd then? Absolutely. But that's a different situation. We are talking about situational hitting here, not an outside perspective of hypothetical results to random situations. The hitter's job is to make contact and get the runner in from 3rd, whether that is a productive out or a hit. Swinging for the fences is the wrong approach there. You want to make hard contact, whatever happens after that is out of the hitter's control.
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