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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post
I don't remember seeing the all blue road uniforms with the white cap too many times. Did they ditch that look after awhile?!

I like the throwback Sunday uniforms, however I think it would be cool if they completely honored the uniform and wore the road uniforms as well on Sundays. I would have loved to see the 1972 powder blue/red road uniforms last season! At the very least, I think the SOX/Cubs should try and coordinate throwback home/road uniforms for their inter-city series each season. Pick a historic Chicago event each season and then each team wears their uniforms from that year.
I would also love to see the road version of the '83 unis. I always liked that hat a little better without the white front panel. It was basically the '77 hat with a red bill and a red button on top (instead of white). I liked the grey unis. They seemed to work better with the white letters on the front.

Reinsdorf only kept the Veeck unis for one season. I read he mandated they go with the all white pants for 1981. It was a better look than the dark pants. I really disliked the collars. It would have been much easier to stomach those with a vneck. The only pictures ive seen with the white hats was from a 1976 series at Yankee Stadium (seem to remember Wilbur Wood on a 1977 Topps card).

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