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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
A long time ago the rivalry was competitive but for the most part if not friendly, at least civil. It also used to be true that lots of people considered themselves "Chicago" fans and would pull for both teams while having one they considered a favorite. It also may shock some but I remember massive defections in the late 60s in response to the suddenly lowly Sox almost leaving town, and the 5 future HOFers on the Leo Durocher Cubs. To me the real turning point was 1984 when the surprising Cubs won the NL East, (before tanking against the Padres of course) and you could see that whole Wrigleyville thing in its infancy. It was obvious that there was no longer any semblance of objectivity in the media. The radio show The Sportswriters, on WGN voiced open contempt for the Sox often. So gradually over time the sands of fortune have shifted in favor of the Cubs for a variety of business and demographic reasons. Wilson, Swift, Armour and the Stockyards are gone. The International Amphitheatre is but a fading memory. So are the steel mills and factories. Every now and then a poster here will wax nostalgic for the old Chicago Cardinals. They're all gone but the Sox remain firmly entrenched on a depleted south side. For me it's now about survival. These are intense partisan times and the Cubs although stinking on the field have won the PR war. They can just go **** themselves for all I care. Y'all can bash DrCrawdad but I'm going to hang wiffem on this one. The Cubs and their sycophants can stuff it.
That first part is a good point. Both of my parents grew up in Rogers Park big baseball fans, and neither of them said they were a Cubs or Sox fan growing up. They loved to hope on the streetcar and the El to go to both parks in the summer. My dad absolutely loved baseball, whether that was going to Comiskey Park in the summer to watch Billy Pierce take on Whitey For; to Wrigley to watch Ernie Banks; taking me to the '93 ALCS and being surrounded by the Jays' wives; taking me to St. Louis in the 90s to watch Ray Lankford, Ron Gant and the Cardinals; or in going on numerous road trips and seeing baseball in Denver, Toronto, Detroit, San Francisco, and LA. Thus, I got instilled with a love of baseball, but not directed towards any one team. The White Sox love I developed on my own.
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