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Originally Posted by Daver View Post
The teams that are truly successful at building through the draft do not go out of their way to overpay for unproven talent, they scout more players and draft smarter, no team in MLB scouts more players than the Twins, for every single amateur player the Sox scout the Twins scout five. I live in the Chicago area and I know more Twins scouts than I do Sox scouts, that tell you anything?

As far as the whole slot thing, I can see the MLBPA agreeing to strict caps on money spent on draftees, and eliminating agents cashing in on unproven talent, as a concession to removing the restrictions on untendered free agent players, in the long run the MLBPA exists to serve the players that actually do make it.
Right, just paying over slot is one aspect of it. The Sox just have not done much well in the farm comparatively to other teams. Hire more/better scouts, invest in more Int'l facilities and Int'l signings, gamble on higher upside guys in the draft, pay over slot for high upside if deemed necessary and then you have to have a better player development structure in place.

I have no problem with the way KW uses prospects to get established veterans(most of the time), but there is a disconnect in the organisation. If you use prospects as currency, then you have to have more in the prospect cupboard than what we have...and the way to do that is all of the things mentioned above.

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