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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
At this point its 100% signability. You can't really just go over slot, it screws you later. I would guess the Yankees would take him later, kind of a Joba-esque pick.

I Do agree, Stanek did not impress with his stats, its why he fell from the top 5 projection he went into the year with. But the tools are there, he just needs a coaching staff with a clue.

Have a friend who scouts for ESPN and his own websites, said Stanek's coaching staff cost him millions with their decision making this year.
That's an interesting take, but like I said he never really had the command, and it's regressed. Even if there are teams that believe in him, I don't think many are high on him. I know you're upset at him versus Anderson, but I'd much rather my team took the guy who's improvment has him rising on the draft board than the guy who's questions have him falling.

At this rate, he might be there for our next pick.
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