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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I'm really not sure how much more anyone could have expected the Sox do to this offseason. Payroll's already stretched thin and the farm system is absolutely atrocious, there's not much wiggle room. But they will be chipping $32 and $41 million of salaries off the books in the next two years so there will be some money then, and hopefully Hahn is a little more proactive at building something in the minors.

This team is in really bad shape right now, it's definitely going to be muliyear process.

For all of the people saying they didn't do enough... What did you want/expect them to do this off-season?

I know a lot of the criticism comes from not filling up the catcher spot with a veteran and not getting a left-handed bat. And in turn, many jump on not re-upping with Pierzynski as the evidence of the team not doing enough this off-season (which would've filled both holes). Well, another year of AJ at $7.5M is a $7.5M they couldn't have paid Peavy/Floyd/Lindstrom/Keppinger. On top of that, they would've set themselves back another year in finding out if Flowers can offensively contribute at this level.

Again, I'm not supporting the decisions made this off-season, but I understand. With significant money coming off of the books over the next two seasons, it certainly seems like they let Hahn transition into the GM role during an off-season with which they had little flexibility.

I'll admit, there isn't a lot to be overly excited about with the 2013 team, but I'm just trying to accept the following and hope for the best...
This team spent 126 days in First Place last season. And, nearly the same team adds a hopefully healthy Danks, a strong bullpen arm in Lindstrom, a 3B who can't be any worse than what we saw for 6 months (sans a 2-3 week period), and the continued development of LF (who's still only 23 years old), 2B (at that hopefully special breakout age of 26-27), SP #1, SP #4, SP #5, and a very young bullpen. We lost a big LH bat and offensive force at catcher, but replaced him with a sound defensive replacement who most would argue calls a better game.

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