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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
People keep acting like the Tigers don't have 6 impact bats in their lineup, 2 being two of the best in all of baseball, and a much better pitching staff.
NOBODY is doing that. Everybody is acknowledging that on paper, the Tigers have a better team. But games aren't played on paper. The Sox have a tremendous advantage both defensively and in the bullpen, and that counts for something too. Tyler Flowers has never started at the MLB level, and there's a chance--maybe not a high one, but a chance--that he might perform well with consistent playing time. Dayan Viciedo is 22 years old. He *might* get better. Maybe he won't, but nobody--including you--has any way of knowing that. Hell, there's a chance he might have a breakout year and hit .280 with 40 HRs. I'm not saying i'm holding my breath on it. But it CAN happen. Did anyone think Jose Bautista was going to do that?

Its so aggravating to read this crap because nobody has a clue. All we can do is speculate, and even the "experts" are limited to educated guesses. So to come in here spewing nonsense about how the Sox have no chance and Sale is going to get hurt and overall we shouldn't even bother with this team...I mean, what can you even say to that? It's sad.

There are so many variables at play in each and every game, and when you project those out for a full season...there are tons of possibilities. You don't know anything, just like the experts don't know anything, just like I don't know anything, etc. We can guess, but that's it. But you present your guesses as absolute fact, and that pisses people off.

Finally--this was supposed to be a thread about White Sox trade possibilities. Wow.
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