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Originally Posted by Lundind1 View Post
I am not going to speculate on how the people are getting them, just that all game day staff should be parking in the lots. There is plenty of lot space for everyone these days.

As for advising to not sell, no one would own up to it because it is a $500 fine each offense. They did crack down on that practice a few years ago too.

I can honestly tell you that this has only become an issue the last few years. The combination of incredibly high parking rates and game day staff have turned parking in parts of bridgeport into parking in wrigleyville. That is why we came here, to get away from that issue.

When I worked in sports, we made sure to have enough spots dedicated to game day staff and offered train and bus fare incentives for our employees as well.

Sorry to hear the sox make their employees pay to park in the lots, that should be a given benefit.
Again if they are getting passes, your neighbors are providing them. It would be pretty hard for residents to complain about an issue they are causing.

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