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Originally Posted by ChiSoxNationPres View Post
I get that the Astros are an analytical organization now, but they hit on their top draft picks. That's how you make a rebuild work. They got VERY fortunate with how the Brady Aiken situation panned out too, because they were able to get Bregman the next year due to it. Having Altuve had nothing to do with analytics, and getting Verlander because he was overpriced and under-performing was a huge reason for their postseason success.

Only point is that they weren't a WS winner success story because of analytics. That is their philosophy, but that's not why they won. I'm a fan of stats, old and new, just thought I'd point it out.
Iíve often said that advanced analytics are very useful but overrated because most players who are identified as valuable through analytics can also be identified as such through traditional scouting. As you point out, a good scout doesnít need analytics to recognize Altuveís talent.
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