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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
PK is only now starting to get his normal bat speed back....maybe not all the way back ,but he is getting there.

He is still one of the smartest hitters around, and the other nite the Texas reliever was throwing 100mph and PK was turning him around with hard hit foul balls pulled over the 3rd base dugout.

He still has bat speed, when healthy.

I hope he gets 100% healthy and comes back on a year to year basis.
In case fans have failed to is hard to find good hitters around MLB these days...guys above .260 are hard to find.
Well, with an OPS+ of 73, Paulie is substantially worse than the average MLB hitter in 2013. Guys hitting above .260 might be somewhat hard to find, but Konerko is hitting just .236 and slugging a pathetic .345. Ramirez and Keppinger are the only Sox regulars hitting with less power this season (Beckham's ISO is .109, just behind Paulie's .110, while Ramirez is at .083 and Keppinger .053; even Gillespie is at .136). In other words, even when he's getting hits, they're almost always singles (of 86 hits this season, only 22 have been XBH with 13 2Bs and 9 HRs).

He's done. Unless the Sox bring in someone else to play 1B and put Dunn back at DH (and barring an unlikely trade), I fully expect Adam to start most games at 1B in 2014.

I wish Paulie the best of luck in the future and he's had a great career in Chicago. But I do not want to see him return in 2014. If another team wishes to employ him, that's fine and I hope he succeeds.
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