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Originally Posted by nsolo View Post
What he said. Everyone agrees Thome is a great guy and possible future HOFer, but BA always had that deer in the headlights look at every bat, and the rotation of players after him cost us dearly. All Thome brought was his bat with no defense to patch the loss of Rowland.

My opinion on hearing about that trade was "we just ran the table and won the W.S., team chemistry was working, why break things up?". Seven years later, I feel the same.
Absolutely! I felt the same way then and I do today. Also that trade which
lost El Duque and brought Viz... ya, that was another head scratcher and many on boards questioned at the time.

I think they placed excess faith in the Brian Anderson machine. IIRC, he had an OK debut but Oz insisted BA bat more for power than average; the
result was neither power nor avg. Will always cherish a certain catch at end of 2008 tho.

Also we really got the best years of Jermaine Dye, he carried the club with his big stick. Till time suddenly caught up. BTW did he ever officially retire?
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