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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
The manager was the reason we did not get back to the playoffs in 2006.
Ozzie had a 6.44 ERA in the second half? Oh wait, that was Buehrle.

The Sox went 2-13 when Ozzie pitched in the second half? Nope, Javy Vazquez.

Ozzie blew 3 saves in September down the stretch? Bobby Jenks, actually.

I hold no love for Ozzie but are you serious? I guess Ozzie didn't start BA the second game of the year. That's about it. When your starters have a 4.65 ERA it doesn't matter if you have Casey Stengel or Terry Bevington managing, you ain't going nowhere.

EDIT: Playing Mack in center being an exception, but in his defense Anderson was thought to be pretty much a sure thing, at least from what I remember.
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