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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
To me, one thing is obvious. This organization doesn't have the ability or resources to rebuild this team. New ownership is the only solution. The losing will go on for years because that situation is not going to change. Why debate what this team should or shouldn't do? The same people will make the same mistakes. Jerry needs to remove himself but he won't. This team has the potential to become the Pirates of the last 20 years.

This always makes me chuckle -- when people say, "JR has to sell the team" or "step down." Not really. He doesn't have to sell it, unless he wants to. And by all accounts he's not ready to sell and likely won't be ready anytime soon. I'm a below average driver. But no one can make me sell my car, because . . . I own it! JR (for better or worse) ain't going anywhere.
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