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I know it's just spring training-but now the games are on TV more often and I'm watching, and cuts are happening so we're getting closer to seeing the startup lineup.

I like Adam Eaton a lot, but I'm not seeing much else at the plate that's wowing me. If the last two days of starting pitching are any indication (giving up 9 runs without an out in the first inning one day, and 5 runs in 3 innings the next day), I fear a replay of 2013.

I posted in another thread that the Sox might go .500 in 2014...hmmmm. Might have to rethink that.

Edit: For those watching todays' game live...yes, I *did* say that on purpose so that immediately afterward, Semien would double, Avi Garcia would single, and Abreu would hit a dinger. Really, I did.

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