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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This idea strike me as one that sounds great on paper but for practical purposes, is not all that great. It's akin to telling a pitcher struggling with his command to "just throw more strikes." Sounds great, right? Except that strikes, for obvious reasons, result in more hits allowed, more homers allowed, more runs allowed. You want quality from your players, not just quantity. The idea that De Aza is just going to start laying down beautiful bunts at age 29, which he will turn about a week into the 2013 season, seems a bit far fetched, not to mention, how many outs are we talking about giving up on non-successful bunt attempts? From the top of the order? Bunting for basehits works great when you have a burner who has absolutely no power to drive the ball (looking at you, Juan Pierre and Scott Podsednik) but effectively removing the bat from a player's hands with a bit of pop, the De Aza has displayed has always struck me as foolish.

Not to mention, I'm not even sure of how much a problem this really is. On ground balls, De Aza hit .268 last season, 30 points above the AL average, whereas on non-LD fly balls he hit .211, 10 points below the AL average. It would seem to me that the problem isn't necessarily in defensive alignment, but simply approach. Add to that, De Aza hit for more power than the AL average to the opposite field.

We'll see, Manto and Ventura are obviously much, much smarter baseball people than I, but ****, I really, really hate bunting.
You have some valid points but I don't mind it as much when you aren't throwing an out away on a sacrifice. When the right situation presents itself, like a slow footed Miguel Cabrera playing extremely deep or someone like Verlander on his 5th straight scoreless innning, it can be a nice option to have in your pocket as a hitter. Many would-be pitching gems have been ruined by a leadoff bunt single. As Manto pointed out, it can also keep those infielders in close at the corners even when De Aza is not laying one down. I look at Kenny Lofton as the perfect example of a leadoff hitter who had some pop in his bat but also effectively used the bunt base hit as a part of his arsenal.

I disagree about a player not being able to learn new tricks at an older age though. Frank Thomas learned how to hit with an open stance in 2000 and had an MVP year largely because of the switch. Scott Podsendik learned the "butcher boy" play in 2009 (when he was 33) which is something he wasn't able to do even in the championship season of 2005. Paul Konerko learned how to hit to right field halfway through his career and became a better hitter, etc. A player isn't necessarily locked in to a particular set of abilities once they reach a certain age.
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