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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
Here's the issues with that. They have five more head to head matchups with these guys, and have now lost 8 of the last 10 vs. them, with many of the games in ugly fashion. They have proven they could play well at times and have done well vs. some very good teams. But they have been remarkably inconsistent. Last time they were in Detroit they got swept. In the key series in Baltimore they dropped three of four.

I'm not happy with mediocrity and I'm not falling back on the "well we shouldn't even be here" excuse. That might work in May or June but this is (almost) September. This team has shown it can play well but they are maddeningly inconsistent. And I'm sick of losing to these jerks. Maybe some people will be content with missing the playoffs but not me. Part of me was hoping the Sox would come out and whip these guys for a change but I should have known better.
I agree we shouldn't be content with missing the postseason. The Sox have proven this year that they can play with anyone. Texas and NY might be the "elite" teams, and the Sox have dominated both all year. If they can get into the postseason they can do damage. The "we shouldn't be here" argument doesn't hold water anymore. The only thing that's been proven is that 2011 was a fluke year, and the 2012 team is very much the group we were all excited about going into the 2011 season.

But keep in mind, Detroit is a very tough team to play in their ballpark. The Sox need to weather the storm and then take care of business when they come to Chicago, as they are not a good road team. We all knew this would be a tough series. That doesn't mean a whole lot at this point in time. There's still a month to play, including four games in Chicago against these guys (not to mention the two left in THIS series).

There is still a lot of baseball to play.
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