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A good draft to me is:

1. Taking the best available players in the earliest rounds. Generally going with potential over projectability and staying away from the "safe" picks.

2. Making the right decisions with the players you do draft (the biggest one). The Sox have had some pretty good drafts in recent years considering what they were able to do with those players.

The Sox normally trade their prospects for proven players and generally make the right decisions. The only player that looks like he might come back to bite us is Chris Young, although Chris Young did get us the guy who, at least in terms of stuff, is the ace of our pitching staff. Certainly the trade was good for both teams and it's not like the Sox "lost" in that deal. In fact, with the contract Javy has now, if the Sox moved him over the offseason he'd most likely command a package even greater than the one we gave up to get him.

As far as drafting players who make impacts in the major leagues, we don't do that really well but we're not terrible at that either. The Twins and Royals are worse in our own division, despite the fact that both teams have had very high picks over recent years. I haved looked a lot at Cleveland or Detroit, but I'd say overall Detroit has done a much better job in recent years than we have, which of course partly has to do with their draft position.

Overall we don't really do a bad job though. We just typically have our most success with RP and OF. In our current system, we have mainly starting pitching ready, which simply means we have to deal that either at the Major League or minor league level in order to fill positions. Right now, we have four pitchers (Gio, Egbert, McCulloch, Broadway) who could all be #4/#5 starters in the big leagues on a decent team and maybe even as soon as right now, two more (Phillips, Heager) who could eat innings as No. 5's in some ****hole, and one guy (De Los Santos) who has staff ace potential, albeit in low A. Then we have a couple of projects (Masset, Sisco) still with pretty high ceilings although probably unlikely to have much success. Overall, I'd say we're not that bad. One big offseason trade that fills two positions on the field, say a RF and a SS, and opens a hole at SP that we can fill internally, and all of the sudden we're a contender again.
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