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Originally Posted by jshanahanjr View Post
Moncada has a better eye than the umpires, but they make the call on strike 3. He just needs to attack more on first pitch, and foul off the borderline pitches with 2 strikes. Easier said than done, but that's how I saw it last season. Nobody is hitting good sliders on a regular basis.

This thinking seems both delusional and irrelevant.

I've yet to see any evidence that calls against Moncada were consistently worse than calls against hitters who struck out at half his rate. If Moncada has a great batting eye, and he isn't using it to keep from striking out. There are martyrs who stand up for what they believe in. Some of them are revered as saints. Hitters who are called out on strikes consistently because out of some sort of belief in the sanctity of the true strike zone aren't saints. They are offensive holes in your lineup.

There is more to having a great batter's eye than knowing whether a pitch is a strike when it crosses the plate. The other major element is pitch recognition. Knowing whether a pitch is a strike has to be combine with knowing what you can do with it when it is still in front of the plate.

It's easy to take pitches, to look patient at the plate. If you're striking out three times more than you are walking, your patience is not a virtue but problematic. And if you jump on that first-pitch fastball that turns out to be a slider, your best case scenario might be that you are down in the count.

Maybe Moncada is close to breaking out. There is no evidence of this in his 2018 performance. It's possible, though, that he got great coaching this year, working on the holes in his offensive game, and will put together that things he has learned. I haven't seen anything about him playing winter ball.

With Moncada, there is more reason for hope than optimism.
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