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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
I do this every year as a thought experiment just to get opinions. Naturally this has little connection with reality since roster construction is so interdependent on things like health, free agent signings and so forth.

But looking at the current 40 man roster with each player taken in a vacuum unrelated to other players who would you like to see just flat out gone from this rag tag bunch?

Here would be my selections (and the sheer number of them says all you need to know about the current overall talent)

Bummer - Keep
Covey - Keep
Farquhar - dump
Fulmer - keep
Gomez - dump
Gonzales - keep
Jones - dump
Minaya - dump
Ruiz - dump
Santiago - dump
Scahill - dump
Shields - dump
Vieira - keep
Castro - couldn't rightly tell you who Castro is.
Cordell - keep
A. Garcia - keep
L. Garcia - keep
LaMarre - dump
Tilson - dump

Obviously the Sox aren't probably going to cut half of these retreads, stiffs and deadbeats but in a perfect world, every single one of them would be out the door for me for various talent, can't stay healthy, shows little hope of getting better, age etc.

Really getting bored and frustrated here in the hospital so I figured this would be a good way to pass some time.
My comments noted above.
And now for management, the true culprits:
Williams - kick further upstairs with a ceremonial role
Hahn - dump
Cooper - dump
Renteria - dump
Haber - dump
Steverson - either way
Hostetler - dump
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