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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
Getting over $.5M for the year. Took me a few years to get that, when I worked. I hope we don't have another "Beckham" on the club right now.
With so many highly-touted prospects in the system now, there's bound to be another "Beckham" or two among them. What made the Beckham bust bad was that the farm system was so barren at the time that there wasn't much else in the way of talent to fall back on. That shouldn't be the case this time around.

Considering that Beckham was selected #8 overall in the draft and was touted as our next golden boy, it sure was disappointing to have him be a flop. On the bright side, at least we got Almonte for him who we then traded for Kahnle who was an important piece in the trade with the Yankees that brought over prospects Rutherford, Clarkin, and Polo. So, we may yet be able to salvage something from drafting Beckham a decade ago.
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