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Default Earth Calling Rick Hahn

Yesterday you had no comment as to whether the Sox are buyers or sellers in the marketplace.

Hey Rick, the Sox are 15 games under .500, playing miserable baseball and sitting in last place in the AL Central.

What exactly are you watching? How naive do you think Sox fans are? The Sox as buyers? You have got to be kidding.

You currently own the rights to several players that are attractive to contending teams - guys like Crain, Rios, Thornton, Konerko, Peavy (when he's healthy). The Yankees may even be willing to take Dunn's fat contract off our hands (or at least be willing to pay a portion of it) with the loss of Texiera.

Time to back up the truck and start looking toward the future. Don't try to bull**** us or anyone else. This team is going nowhere. It's time to start listening to any and all offers.

Last week you stated that every player was available with the exception of Sale and Konerko. And now you have no comment regarding whether the Sox are sellers or buyers?

Come on. Get real. Sox fans deserve better than this.
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