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Originally Posted by Carolina Kenny View Post
When you have such a beloved figure as Robin Ventura as the Manager, he gets a pass. However, ever since the the late season meltdown of last year, this both Robin and this team have been a disaster.

For this reason is why I hate it that Robin is our Manager. The stink of this team is tarnishing his Sox legacy.

Robin, is one of my all time Sox favorites. That being said, the team has steadily regressed. The fundemental mistakes they make are getting worse. Robin's decision making also seems to be regressing.

Something, something has to be changed. With great regreat I say:

I agree- he's probably my all time favorite White Sox- but he's at a crossroads- so many players regressing and they just seem to play in a "fog"- he needs to show the ability to shake them up and get them back on track- that's what managers do. From last September -> now- not a good baseball team-
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