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It's hard to answer that question right now because we (as fans) have no idea what the off season plan is.

I think it likely the Sox are going to lose most if not all of their free agents and start to re-tool under Hahn, HOWEVER JR has been known to throw a curve and do what is not could happen again (although I think the chances are small.)

He might begin to invest in the minor league system now because of the changes to it but that still doesn't solve the issue of dealing with some high powered agents and if that is the case and the Sox don't draft particular players because of their representatives, does that start to solve that issue?

Regarding marketing and advertising, logically I'd have to think that Brooks and his people have to do just can't let things go the way they are right now.

To what degree changes could be made is something we'll have to wait and see on, but I've got to think some changes at least will be made.

To not do anything, keep the status quo, would not make business sense.

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