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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
His HR was great, but it wasn't that huge. The Sox won the division by 8 games. If he didn't hit the homer and lost that night, they probably would have clinched some other night.

I'm not going to boo or protest this assignment, and as I have stated, I like Bo. I just think Bo's status as a White Sox is overstated.

If he wasn't the media and athletic sensation he was before he came to the Sox and accomplished the exact same things as he accomplished in a White Sox uniform, there wouldn't have been as big of a deal made about every little thing he did in a White Sox uniform. You may even hear griping about his hitless playoffs with a bunch of strikeouts when he actually popped off the Sox were playing a bat short when he was out of the line up.

Maybe they can get another White Sox legend, Ken Griffey Jr., to throw out the first pitch in 2014.

Bo should be known as a Royal and a Raider and an Auburn Tiger. His legendary status with those teams is well deserved. His legendary status with the White Sox is just a by product of his earlier success.
What team should Common be associated with?
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