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Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress View Post
So you've discussed this with Cooper? Or are you just making an assumption, to support your opinion which you then declare as fact. And I'm marking it 2-0 me. But I guess that's my point.
I don't have any specific opinion on whether or not John Danks should start tonight. I'm not a god damn pitching coach, athletic trainer, or arthroscopic surgeon. I have no expertise to offer in any of this discussion. All I can tell you is that for years now, the Sox have had probably the best pitcher's coaching staff and trainers in baseball, so whatever decision they come to is, in my mind, the correct one. If they would have started John as the longman in the bullpen, I would have agreed with that move, too, it makes perfect sense to me. But they didn't. They want him to start. That's fine; they have an outstanding track record and have earned my trust.

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